about us

We are very happy to have you here! And here we are going to share some information about our page and team.

We have started our page, Infocrabe.com to share our knowledge and understanding of software, technology, and gadgets. This is the place where you get honest and unbiased reviews for a number of things.

Here is the detailed description of our page that you need to know about –

* On this page, we share How to, best gadgets/software, buying guide, and honest reviews about some tech-related articles. This would help our readers to have a better understanding of the technologies and gadgets that they use in their daily life.
* We do full research on the software and provide you our unbiased review so that you know about the quality of the software as well as their compatibility and other features which you should know before you buy or use software for different functions.
* We have also reviewed a number of tech-gadgets so you can buy the best one for yourself. Most of our gadget reviews article consists of a buying guide that will help you to choose the best gadget for yourself.

We have reviewed a number of gadgets and software so far and we will be continuing to do so for our readers so that they can make an informed decision.

Our team:-

Our team consists of three people that look after research, writing, editing, and publishing. We both have a sound knowledge of the stuff that we review. We make sure that our readers get authentic information from trusted resources. We try to do our best and provide reliable information to our readers.

So thank you for visiting us and we hope now that you know what we do and how we do, you will be more than happy to stay with us and rely on us for authentic information.