7 Best Aquarium Stands (Reviews & Buying Guide) 2020

Nowadays, aquariums are considered as one of the decorative pieces that enhance the looks of your home decor. And sure there are many fish lovers as well who wants a good looking aquarium tank full of their favorite fishes. The things are, you might guess that your job will be done when you end up buying the best aquarium stand and bought the fishes as well as the food needed by the fishes. But there is one other important thing that you need to buy which would be the aquarium stand!
Many people ignore the importance of a good aquarium stand and they tend to underrate the requirement of an aquarium stand. The stand will be the support system for your aquarium. So you need to take a good look at the aquarium stand because they will ensure the stability of your beautiful aquarium.
There are a few common types of aquarium stands that you needed to know about:
  • The standard type of aquarium stand– this is one is the commonly found aquarium stand and you can easily get them at any of the pet shops. These are built from MDF and particleboard. They come at a low price and are great for the small-sized aquarium and freshwater aquariums. So if you are looking for an aquarium stand for bigger or saltwater aquariums then you will have to look for other types of aquariums.
  • Custom-built aquarium stands–  as its name suggests these aquarium stands are made on the requirements of your aquarium stands. These are made in orders and you can actually give your requirements such as the shelves of the cabinet, the size or shape, etc and it will be made for you. Since they are made only for you and according to your preferences, these might cost more than the standard or other type of aquarium stands.
  • The branded aquarium stands – since some people find the branded things more reliable and trustworthy, many brands make their own aquarium stands. This one will easily fit in your requirements and you would find a nice stand for any type of aquarium that you have.
Apart from these, some people might like to make their aquarium stands themselves, but they won’t be reliable and you can put your aquarium tank and fishes in danger.
Since buying an aquarium stand might take up more effort and knowledge then you can think of and that’s why it’s always a challenge especially for beginners to find a perfect aquarium stands. That’s where we come into the picture. To help you further in finding out the best aquarium stand, we have come up with a list of best aquarium stands. This features the top aquarium stands that you can buy and rely on.
We have also shared a little buying guide for an aquarium stand so that you can easily choose the best one for yourself. Let’s get started with our list of the best aquarium stand and find you the best aquarium stand.

best Aquarium stands

1. Ameriwood Home Laguna Tide 29-37 Gallon Aquarium Stand

Ameriwood is the leading brand for aquarium stands and you would love to take it home considering its amazing look as well as solid construction. This one is a pretty amazing aquarium stand that comes with many amazing features.
The aquarium stand is made up of MDF/particle wood which ensures high durability and nice support for your moderate-sized aquarium tank. The stand can withstand the 29 to 37-gallon aquarium tank. The stand also features two cabinets that would be required to keep the food or the equipment. This one also features three open compartments where you can keep your other decorative items.
Speaking of its looks, it gives a neutral espresso look that goes perfectly with a modern interior.
Key Features:
  • It’s a budget-friendly aquarium stand which is nicely crafted to meet your requirement
  • One of the best 37-gallon aquarium stand
  • Features a good space, the cabinets, and the shelves.

2. Imagitarium Brooklyn Metal Tank Stand

If you are looking for the best metal aquarium stand then Imagitarium should be your first choice. This one comes at a decent price and gives you a quality product. This one is the leading choice for a 29-gallon aquarium stand that you can find in the market right now.
For starters, the aquarium stand is pretty easy to assemble and you will also get adjustable feet so that you can level it according to the surface. The aquarium stand is made up of solid steel which provides strong support to your aquarium stand. This one also features a long-lasting life.
Key Features:
  • Comes in different sizes so you can easily find one that fits your requirements
  • It’s sleek and attractive look will go with contemporary decors.
  • Features adjustable feet for leveling

3. Coralife Designer Biocube Stand

Coralife is our next pick our list of best aquarium stands. This one is also a reputed brand that you can trust. It features a great design, which is the reason why many people like to buy it. But it’s not a mere good looking aquarium stand as it features a number of great functions.
For starters, the aquarium stand is made up of water-resistant material which ensures longer life. The aquarium stand also features some electrical holes more conveniently. The black handles and acrylic panels are also a big help. The aquarium stand features two cabinets with glass doors which adds a nice touch to your decor.
Key Features:
  • Provides stability to your aquarium tank up to 32 gallons of tank
  • Spacious and features two cabinet doors with a glass panel
  • Features electrical holes, elevated feet, and black handles

4. Sauder 416444 select aquarium stand

Sauder is a leading brand and you must have head about it somewhere. This one not only comes from a branded name but also gives great value for your money. If you are looking for a good piece of furniture in the form of an aquarium stand then this one should be your first choice.
It is also made up of water-resistant material and is less prone to damage. It features double doors and adjustable shelves so you will get a lot of space for storage. Another amazing feature of this aquarium tank is its cord management system which you will find very helpful and functional.
Key Features:
  • Features a reliable and solid construction which ensures durability
  • Compatible with large sized aquarium tanks
  • Adjustable shelves for more space
  • The jamocha wood finish looks great

5. Aqua Culture Delux Aquarium

Aqua Culture Delux is one of the best 20-29 gallon aquarium that you will find. This one features a hidden storage space at the back of the stand, so you can keep all the equipment without ruining the look of the tank or the stand.
The top of the stand is powder coated which makes it water resistance and moisture resistance. It is also a great choice for a saltwater tank. The front panels are made up of real wood.
Key Features:
  • Water-resistance material which makes it ideal for saltwater tanks
  • Comes in two great color variant, black, and cherry
  • It’s highly durable and long-lasting

6. Aquatic Fundamentals 102102 Metal Aquarium Stand

Aquatic Fundamentals is another top aquarium stand that you can rely on. This metal aquarium tank features a great design and doesn’t look too bulky. This aquarium stand is a good choice for small-sized aquarium, that’s is up to 10 gallons of the aquarium.
The aquarium stand also features a good space so you can easily store the equipment. It’s also easy to assemble.
Key Features:
  • Features a sleek and attractive design
  • It’s budget-friendly and you can easily afford it
  • One of the best metal aquarium stands for 10 gallons of the aquarium.

7. Aquatic Fundamentals 75 Gallon Upright Aquarium Stand

We couldn’t resist ourselves from listing another best aquarium stand from the Aquatic Fundamentals as it meets all our requirements of the best aquarium stand. This one is more suitable for larger aquariums, (75-gallon aquarium).
It also features two front doors which is an essential element. You will be more than happy with its storage space. Even though it looks bulky the stand is pretty easy to set up.
Key Features:
  • One of the best 75 gallons of the aquarium stand that you can find
  • Provides a good storage space featuring a large cabinet
So these are the best aquarium stands in our opinion and we are pretty sure you will be satisfied with them.
Now that we have completed our list of best aquarium stands, it’s time that we share the buying guide, which will help you in choosing the best aquarium stand.
Take a look at these features which you need to consider in order to buy the best aquarium stand for yourself.
  • 1. Material – It’s really important that you know from which material the stand is made up of, as it will directly affect the functionality, stability as well as durability of the aquarium stand. There are several materials from which an aquarium stand is made up. The general materials are plywood, MDF, and metal. Plywood is a more preferred choice as they are more durable and sturdy and can handle the weight of a medium-sized tank. They are less prone to water damage as they can be sealed or painted. MDF is cheaper and they are seen in many branded types of aquarium stands. These are suitable for a saltwater tank as they have high humidity capacity. Meanwhile metal is the best choice if you are buying the stand for bigger aquariums. It features solid construction support. Some people might prefer a combination of metal and wood as well.
  • 2. Height – Height is another factor that you need to consider while buying the aquarium stand for yourself. So look for the height you want and then hunt for the aquarium stand that offers that height. You have to consider the location of the aquarium as well. See if your aquarium is placed near any sitting area you might wanna put your money in a low height stand. And if there is no sitting arrangement near the aquarium you might wanna buy a higher height of the stand.
  • 3. Easy to install – You don’t wanna put all your time into installing the stand. So an idea aquarium stand should be easy to install. Make sure you look for the process of installing the stand and see if you can do it yourself or you will need some help.
  • 4. Space for the equipment and opening – Opening space and the storage space for your equipment are two of the most important factor that you need to take into consideration. To maintain an aquarium you require some equipment and it would be helpful if the aquarium stand features that much space. And the opening of an aquarium stand is also a feature that you would like to consider.
  • 5. Look of the aquarium stand – Some people are conscious of the looks of the aquarium stand and how well it would go with their interior. And even if you are not one of those people, you don’t wanna buy an aquarium stand which is the opposite of your interior. So make sure you are investing an aquarium stand which is good to look at and goes perfectly with your interior as well.

So these are some of the important criteria which you need to look at. These will help you to come up with a good aquarium stand.

Conclusion: We have completed our article on the best aquarium stand. We have included the buying guide and some of the important things about the aquarium stands. We hope you liked our article and found it helpful. These are some of the best-rated aquarium stands that you will find in the market. So choose from any of these and take them home, you won’t be disappointed. Thank you for visiting our page and keep coming for more such review articles.
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