7 Best Bookshelf Speaker Stands In 2020 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

How many of you own a speaker for a long time? If you do, you must know the importance of a speaker stand. It doesn’t matter how small a speaker is, you just can’t place it right on a shelf or a tabletop. There are many reasons behind it, first, the speakers need a proper position so that it can lead to a better sound. The speakers must be elevated and it should provide a vibration-free experience as well. The things are when you place the speakers straight on a tabletop or the shelves, this leads to the production of vibration.
That’s where the bookshelf speaker stand comes in picture. You must have heard of the speaker stands, and thought why even people bother buying them when they can place them on any flat surface but it’s not the case anymore.  If you want the best sound experience in your home while watching the movies then you must invest in a speaker stand along with the high-quality speakers. The bookshelf speaker stands have become an important thing in any household. And people who want to get the best experience of their home theater speakers don’t shy away from buying a bookshelf speaker stand either.
The primary function of a bookshelf speaker stand is to lift the speaker and provide an elevated space for the speaker. A good speaker stand will also lessen the vibration that comes from a speaker and provide a quality sound to you as well.
The bottom line is,  if you have invested in high-end speakers, then you must not hesitate in putting a few extra bucks in the bookshelf speaker stand as well. This will provide you an amazing experience and provide you the sound that is meant to hear.
There are a number of bookshelf speakers present in the market that you can buy. But the thing is that many choices also lead to the overwhelming feeling as you can’t make up your mind for the best bookshelf speaker. And that’s where we come to your help. In this article, we have listed 7 best bookshelf speaker stands that you can invest in and take to your home.
And to help you further we have also shared a buying guide for bookshelf speaker stands which will help you to choose the best bookshelf speaker stand for yourself.
Without wasting any more of your time, let’s get started with our list of the best bookshelf speaker stand.

best Bookshelf speaker stands

1. Bose FS-1 Best Bookshelf Speaker Floor Stands

Bose is the first name that comes in our mind when we talk about any equipment related to sound. Whether it’s headphones or speakers, Bose has always given us quality products. And thankfully they have also provided the best bookshelf speaker stand as well.
The stand is made up of sturdy and durable material that offers high stability to your speakers. This bookshelf speaker stand is 24 inches tall and weighs 20 pounds of weight, which ensures high stability. The black and silver finish will surely enhance the looks of speakers.
Key Features –
  • Provides wire management for a neat look
  • Feature a wide base which makes it topple free
  • It’s wide enough to support a variety of speakers

2. Sanus System BF-31B Speaker Stands

Sanus is our next choice for the best bookshelf speaker stand. This one too is a premium brand that is reliable and trustworthy. These speaker stands are 32 inches tall and also features wire management.
Furthermore, the speaker stands also made up of quality material (MDF/particle wood) which is sturdy enough to hold the speakers. To provide a better sound this one also features isolation pads that lessen the vibration which results in high-end surround sound experience. It also features padded as well as spike feet so you can place it on a carpet as well as on the hard floor.
Key Features –
  • It weighs around 12 pounds which ensures high stability and reduces the risk of being tipped over.
  • This one also features cable management for giving you a nice and well-organized entertainment unit
  • Ideal for speakers up to 20lbs of weight
  • Comes at a pocket-friendly price

3. VideoSecu Adjustable Height Satellite Speaker Stands

VideoSecu is also a reputable brand for speaker stands and that’s why we have listed in our list of the best bookshelf speaker stands. The speaker stand is made up of high-quality steel which provides a solid construction that can hold the weight of 30 lbs.
One of the best features of this bookshelf speaker stand is it features a customizable height that is, you can adjust the height from 26.5 inches to 47 inches. The top plat is also adjustable and it can rotate 180 degrees as well. Lastly, you will also find cable adjustments as well.
Key Features –
  • One of the best bookshelf speakers stands for 30 lbs of the speaker.
  • Features adjustable height as well as width and can also rotate.
  • Its a screw in the stand which eliminates the chances of any accidents

4. Atlantic Premium Stands for Bookshelf Speakers

If you are looking for a lightweight stand for bookshelf speakers then this one might be your first choice. This one is made to lift the weight of speakers up to 20 lbs. You will also find good stability as well as high-end functionality.
This one too features some adjustable features and you will also find it reliable for its topple free base. Furthermore, the steel construction is sturdy and durable.
Key Features –
  • It’s pretty easy to assemble and its lightweight makes it highly portable
  • The solid steel construction is highly reliable and secure
  • Features a space mode for the wire management

5. Vivo Premium Universal 25 Inch Floor Speaker

Vivo Premium is also one of the best bookshelf speakers stand that you would find in the market. As its name suggests this one comes in 25-inch height. It is made up of steel so you can expect a sturdy and durable construction here. It features anti-vibration spikes which ensure quality sound. This one too features removable spikes which makes it ideal for carpet or hard floor. The stand can easily hold the speakers up to 22 lbs of weight.
Key Features –
  • Ideal for speakers up to 22 lbs
  • Features anti-vibration feet for delivering good sound
  • Comes with removable cushioned feet and spikes

6. Sanus Adjustable Height Speaker Stand

We have already done a bookshelf speaker stand from the same brand, but this one is for those who want the premium stand with height adjustability feature. It features the adjustable height up to 28 to 38 inches. They weigh around 11 pounds and features a weight capacity of 3.5 pounds. So this one is actually for the smallest speakers. Overall it’s a nicely constructed speaker stand for bookshelf speaker to buy.
Key Features –
  • The stands come with 5 years of warranty
  • A small and compact stand for small speakers
  • It is pretty easy to assemble as well as adjust

7. PERLESMITH Adjustable Height Speaker Stands

This one is also a great choice for a bookshelf speaker stand to invest in. As its name suggests this one features height adjustability from 31inches to 48 inches. This one is ideal for speakers up to 6 lbs. And you would find a great surround sound experience as well.
Its made up of heavy-duty cast iron which makes it a strong, sturdy, and durable speaker stand.
Key Features –
  • It features keyholes and connectors for more security of your speakers.
  •  Feature a wire management
  • Compact and sturdy design for small speakers
So these are the best bookshelf speaker that we have found. These are some of the gems that meets your requirements as well as provide good performance for your speakers.
Wondering how to choose the best one for yourself? Well, here we have listed a few factors that would help you to choose the best one for yourself among the others.

Features to look in a bookshelf speaker stand!

  • 1.Material – Just like any other thing, the material of a bookshelf speaker actually makes a difference and you have to put a lot of thought into the material of the bookshelf speaker stand. The bookshelf speaker stands generally features two materials that are is wood and metal. Both have their own advantages. Some people choose the material based on their interior, others find one better than the other. In our opinion, both wood and metal construction provides reliable functionality. So you can choose either one based on your preferences.
  • 2. Weight limit – You have to make sure the weight limit of the bookshelf speaker stand as you don’t wanna buy a soaker stand that couldn’t bear the weight of your speakers. It would be helpful if you first check the wright of your speakers and then go for a hunt for the best bookshelf speaker stands. It is advised that you buy the higher weight limit speaker stand than the weight of your speaker so that there won’t be any difficulties in the future.
  • 3. Height – The height of the bookshelf speaker stand is also something you would like to consider while buying a bookshelf speaker stand for yourself. Make sure the stand features the ideal height and it comes at the ear level of yours for the better listening experience. There are many bookshelf speakers stands available that provide height accountability so you can take this into account as well. Although a standard height of a speaker stand would be appropriate as well.
  • 4.  Shape and sizes – Luckily there is a wide range of shapes and sizes available for a bookshelf speaker stand and you can easily buy one for your speaker. It important that you find a stand that is compatible with your speaker in terms of shape and size.
  • 5.  Durability and stability of the stand – If you are putting your money in a speaker stand then make sure you are buying a durable speaker stand which lasts long (longer than your speakers at least). And you should also make sure that the stand provides high stability and you are are not putting your speakers in danger.
  • 6. Wire Management – Wire management is again a crucial feature that you would want in your bookshelf speaker stand. Because keys face it no one wants to deal with tangled wires hanging here and there and running the whole look of your entertainment unit. And luckily there are many bookshelf speaker presents that come with a hollow space where we can insert the wires. This will make your speaker and whole entertainment unit look neater.
  • 7.  Brand – There are some brands that are popular for providing the best speaker stand and you can actually expect functionality from them. And some of the speaker brands also present their own bookshelf speaker stands that show more compatibility with the speaker. So if you are one of those people who buy stuff looking at their brand them kindly look for the best brand for speaker stands.
  • 8.  Price – Price is also an important criterion when it comes to buying the best bookshelf speaker stands. Although the speaker stands don’t cost much, there are a few premium brands that offer some costly speaker stands. So you need to look for the speaker stand that comes into your budget as well as provides good features.
So these are some of the features that you would like to take into consideration when buying a speaker stand for yourself. We hope those buying guide will help you to choose the best bookshelf speaker stand.
Conclusion – Here we have come to an end for our article the best bookshelf speaker stands. We have listed these speaker stands in our list considering their features and reviews from the customers. We hope you found this article helpful and you can finally choose a nice speaker stand for yourself.
Thank you for visiting our page and keep coming for more such articles in the future as well.
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