7 Best Mic Stands Of 2020 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

I hardly doubt that any stage or studio is complete without a mic stand! We know the importance of a decent looking mic stand that goes perfectly with your mic and gives you a sense of professionalism in your studio or on stage. Although people actually underrated the process of choosing a mic stand and think all mic stands are the same and that’s where they are wrong. Choosing a perfect mic stand to require as much effort as any other item. But not many us know how to pick a perfect mic stand or what are the best mic stands present in the market.
It doesn’t matter if you run a professional studio or have a personal home studio, you are going to need the best mic stand which will look great as well as enhance your creativity by bringing professionalism in your work.
This article is fully dedicated to the best mic stands. We are not only listing out the best mic stands out there but we are also telling you how to choose perfect mic stand as well as the major types of mic stand that you need to know. You will find all these at the end of our list and before that, we would like to present the 7 best mic stands which would perfectly go with your studio.

Best mic stands

1. On-Stage MS7701B Tripod Boom Mic Stand

Our first pick for the best mic stand is from On-Stage, a popular brand that provides us several stands for a variety of things. The best part about the stand is, it’s pretty cheap yet has some of the best features that you would find in premium mic stands.
Key Features –
  • It’s pretty easy to set up and it offers high stability and durability
  • Features adjustable height from 32 to 61.5 inches
  • Lightweight yet highly stable.

2. Ultimate Sound PRO-ST Pro Mic Stand

Ultimate Sound Pro-ST is everyone’s favorite mic stand for live performance as it features a moderate weight base which is stable as well light enough to move on stage. It features a strong clutch and sturdy construction. The mic stand also features universal compatibility which makes it ideal for a wide range of mics. The bottom line is, it features a quality product, and it’s also pretty easy to use.
Key Features –
  • It’s pretty easy to pluck the mic in and out and people can do it with just one hand
  • It features a universal design which is compatible with a number of mics

3. Atlas Sound MS-10C Round Base Mic Stand

If you are looking for a round base mic stand then Altlas should be your top choice. This one too is a routed brand and it definitely quality built mic stand that you will find. This one is something that will last longer and that’s why when it comes to durable mic stands, it’s usually the first choice. The stand features the height adjustability from 35 inches to 64 inches which a pretty great range.
Key Features –
  • Features a wide right range
  • Comes at an affordable price

4. K&M 21070 Tripod Mic Stand

K&M is another well-known brand that you can trust, and this mic stand from the 210 series is popularly known for its quality as well as portability. It can be easily folded and you would love its sturdy zinc die-cast base. Its height range is from 39.76 to 67.72 inches.
Key Features –
  • It’s a universal design, and you would easily understand how to adjust it
  • Features a good height range
  • It features a lightweight yet provides a high stability
  • The mic stand is highly portable and you can easily pack it up and carry it around.

5. Hercules MS533B Hideaway Boom Stand

You would definitely love the Hercules MS533B mic stand if you are looking at the Boom mic stands. The Boom is 30 inches long which can be easily adjusted and angled withing seconds. The height can be adjusted from 42 inches to 94 inches. It weighs only 5.2 pounds. And the base is tripod so it’s pretty easy to fold up as well.
Key Features –
  • It features Quick NEZ Adaptor which is pretty easy to adjust the mic
  • Lightweight yet stable

6. DR Pro Tripod Mic Stand Telescoping Boom

Our next pick for the best mic stand is from DR Pro, which is a well-known brand and quite reliable and trustworthy. It is considered as a versatile mic stand that can be used at many events, be it a concert or a school function or at the speeches. Its boom features 19 inches length. The height ranges from 40 to 69 inches. One of the best features of this stand is, it’s powder-coated which makes it highly durable as well as dust resistance.
Key Features –
  • Ideal for on-stage professional use
  • Can be easily adjusted which makes it  easy to use

7. Pyle-Pro PMKS56 Heavy Duty Tripod Mic Stand

If you are looking for a heavy-duty mic stand then Pyle Pro should be your first choice. Its solid construction makes it highly durable and features a lock-tight pivot knob. This one also features a universal attachment. The height ranges from 51.2 inches to 78 inches, which is quite high. It weighs around 6.5 lbs, which is moderate. Lastly, the mic stand comes at an inexpensive price.
Key Features –
  • Its heavy-duty construction makes it highly stable
  • Features tripod design
  • One of the best mic stands for live performance
  • Features a wide height range
So these are the best mic stands that you would find in the market. And we are pretty sure you would be satisfied with them.
Now that we have completed our list of best mic stands, it’s time to introduce some of the aspects that you need to know about mic stands. And in this case, you should first know the types of a mic stands. Yes, there are several types of mic stands that are suitable for different mics as well as different events.

Types of Mic Stands

  • 1. Standard Stands – These are the most common type mic stands that you will find. These are the simplest type of mic stands out there and they are commonly used while you are performing standing. As they are pretty common mic stands they are also the cheapest type of mic stands. You can easily adjust their height and they are usually tall. They are further divided into a tripod stand and the round base stands. Tripod stands as their name suggests features three legs and they are also considered as the common type of stands. Whereas round base stands are also pretty common and mostly used by singers, the round base stands feature a metal base of a plastic base which makes them more stable.
  • 2. Boom Stands – Boom stands are typically a standard stand but with an arm attached. Due to this, it becomes more stable and can be adjusted in any position. This type of mic stand has a longer reach and they are best suited for a sitting position. They can be easily adjusted in horizontal and vertical terms. People like them the most as they provide a lot of room for adjustment and are versatile in terms of usage.
  • 3. Desk Stand – The desk stands, as their name suggests, can be attached to any desktop and that’s why also known as the desktop mic stands. They are pretty small and can be used in podcasting or radio shows. They are slowly and steadily growing popularity as they can be attached to any desk and can be used in multiple scenarios as well. It will become a part of the table and provides you more convenience.
  • 4. Low Profile Stands – As their name suggests these are the short mic stands, although they are kinda like the boom stands but much shorter in height. These are mostly used by musicians such as a guitarist or the drummers.
So these are the common types of mic stands that you will find. And among them, you can easily find the one you require the most.
Now that we have done the types of mic stands, it’s time that we share the buying guide with you. This buying guide consists of several features that you need you to consider in a mic stand while buying one so that you don’t make the wrong choice. Let’s take a look at the features that you need to look for in a mic stand.

Features to consider in a mic stand:-

  • 1) Height range – This one might be the most important criterion that you need to look for. The height range is the most important factor for obvious reasons, as you definitely don’t wanna buy a tall or small mic stand which can ruin the whole feel of performing. So look for the wide height range so that the mic can become compatible with not only you but other people as well. The ideal height of a mic stand varies from person to person as well as depends upon the usages. So make sure the height range ideal for your usage and you can easily rely on it.
  • 2). Types of Clutches – We have discussed how important the height is and it won’t mean anything if you can’t adjust the mic according to your preferred height. And this job is done by the clutches. And you will generally find two types of clutches that are, twist and grip. The twist clutches are commonly found in the mic stands, and you will only have to tighten them in order to adjust the height. So if its the twist type of clutch you need to make sure that it does a good job and fasten the process or you will end up with a cut h that takes too much time. The second one is the grip clutch would require your one hand squeeze to tighten it in place. They are much easier as well as faster so people actually prefer them.
  • 3). Weight – Weight is also an important factor and you would definitely wanna buy a mic stands which features an ideal weight. You don’t wanna buy a mic stand that is too heavy to move or transfer from one place to another. And you also don’t wanna buy a lightweight mic stand for live streaming, which would fall and shows no stability. Although there are some mic stands present which feature a lightweight and are still pretty stable, such as the tripod mic stands. So make sure to check the weight of mic before buying it so you get a mic stand with an ideal weight.
  • 4). Portability – No matter where you are using the mic stand and for what purpose, you will need to move them or carry them at some point. So consider the portability of the stand as one of the important criteria. The portability downs just depend on the weight of the stand but it also depends on its ability to fold up or ease of setting up. So make sure you are putting your money in a portable stand.
Other features – 
Apart from these common features, you have to consider other minor features such as the accessories and how easy to use the stand is.  If we talk about the accessories of a mic stand, you will have to look for a cup holder or phone holder. This will ensure the convenience of use. See a mobile holder will be used to read the lyrics, notes, or speeches which will make your job or performance a lot easier.
Apart from this, accessories such as headphone holder, pop filter, and most importantly the carry bag which is used to carry the stand are something you need to consider.
Conclusion – Here we come to an end for our article, the best mic stands. And we hope you found it helpful and you found something you were looking for. Thank you for visiting us and keep coming for more such review articles.
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