7 Best Plant Stands In 2020 (Reviews & Buying Guide)

With growing urbanization, the size of houses is constantly shrinking. Gone are the days when people would have a full-fledged garden and used to grow all kinds of plants there. Nowadays, people just dream of having some greenery in their houses. But luckily we have a solution for those who love having plants in their house, that is a plant stand. If you see in the market you will find a huge variety of plant stands. They are of different types, sizes, shapes, etc. So there are high chances that you will find a perfect plant stand for your house easily.
In this article, we have picked up the 7 best plant stand that is really popular and they look pretty great in your house. But before leading to our list of best plant stand we would like to share a few types of plant stands that you need to know about.

Types of plant stands-

  • Standard plant stand – The standard type of plant stand comes in a variety of shapes and sizes. These types of plants stand also vary in height. These will also show a number of shelves and organizing shelves to make it more decorative as well as give a nice homely touch to the plant stand. Overall these are “standard” types so it will go with every house requirement.
  • Corner plant stand – Corner plant stands are becoming increasingly popular as everyone likes to decorate the corner of their house. So these plants perfectly go with the corners and you can actually consider then if you are buying the plant stand for the corners of the house.
  • Pedestal Plant Stand – The pedestal Plant stand is used in the balconies or the terraces. So if you are planning to place the plant stand in bigger spaces, these plants stand should be your first choice. There are commonly constructed from iron, steel, concrete, and stone, so they might be bulkier than the above two.
So these are the common plant stand types that you needed to know about. Now that you know the type of plant stand and decided which one you need the most, take a look at our list of best plant stand so that you can find the perfect plant stand for your house.

best Plant stands

1. Mkono Mid Century 12″ Wood Plant Stand

Mkono is a brand that brings us a number of handicraft products that adds a style to your home decor. It is a mod century style plant stand that features a low-level style. As we have mentioned earlier, this one is more of a piece of decore and also a reliable plant stand. It helps the plant to keep them off the surfaces and brings sophistication to your home decor.
Speaking of material, it is made up of high-quality beech wood. This material looks unique and one of a kind, so if you are bored with regular plant stands, this one will do the job!
Its minimalistic style gives an authentic feel and it can go with any kind of decore and environment (home, office, industrial, etc). It can also be placed indoors as well as outdoors. So even if you are looking for a plant stands for balconies or indoors, this one would be perfect. The height of the plant stand is 6 inches and 12-inch diameter.
It’s pretty easy to maintain as you can clean it with a wet cloth. Furthermore, the plant stand is also easy to assemble and it will ou take like 5 minutes. You can rely on its durability as well, as it is made up of solid construction.
Key Features – 
  • Looks great with snake plant, Fiddle Leaf Fig, Bird of Paradise, etc.
  • Gives a minimalist feel with its contemporary and elegant design
  • Features an ideal size for 12″ which goes perfectly with middle-sized plants.
  • Weigh only 1.2 pounds.

2. Green Gardenia Iron Leaf Corner Plant Stand

I am sure every one of you feels like they should have something nice for the corners of their house, and what can be better than a beautiful plant stand with a nice plant that fills the space and spreads positivity as well. When it comes to corner stands, Green Gardenia is our absolute favorite!
The iron stand is made up of wrought iron which is coated with metal powder to make it rust-resistant. This planter comes in dimensions of 6×6×4 (LWH), which makes it ideal for small plants and the plant itself features the dimensions, 46×16×18. This is one of the best plants stands for the balcony as well as corners, as it can easily withstand the outer whether.
The plant stand features three planters which also features the decorative leaves around it. It is pretty easy to maintain as well, that is, it can be easily cleaned and it’s also durable.
Key Features – 
  • One of the best corner plants stands as well as for the balcony.
  • Ideal for small plants
  • It weighs 4kg which means it can be easily moved from one place to another.

3. Ufine Bamboo Wood Ladder 3 Layer Plant Stand Shelf

Have you considered a plant rack? Yes, it is also a kind of plant stand that will do justice to your beautiful plants by giving them an elegant and sophisticated stand. This plant stand gives a nice touch to your decor and you can place it outdoors as well as indoors.
As its name suggests, this plant stand is made up of bamboo which makes it highly durable as it can withstand high temperature as well as is water-resistant. Even though it weighed only 9.5 pounds, it can hold up to 115 pounds of weight. The three-layer rack gives you an opportunity to place numerous plants in one place. This is also a great balcony plant stand.
Even though it has three layers of racks, the last one is made to hold bigger plants. It can easily be assembled. We not suggesting this, but some people use this plant stand for other purposes aa well, so you can keep your plants one some of the racks and use the other one for different purposes.
Key Features – 
  • Made up of natural bamboo which makes it eco friendly as well as sturdy.
  • Plant stand comes with all kinds of tools that will be needed to assemble it.
  • Features three different layers for lots of plants

4. Orchid Engineers iron plant stand

We are once again present with another metal stand, this one is also a polar choice for the people who are looking for multiple plant stands. You will get three plant stands with a height of 10/15/20 centimeter. You will get a nice set of three plant stands which will look pretty good with a contemporary interior.
This one is also ideal for home, office, balcony, outdoors, etc. Overall this one is indeed one of the best plants stands on Amazon. It can easily withstand the right of 50 kg so it’s an ideal plant stand for heavy plants as well.
Key Features – 
  • Made up of high-quality metal which is rust-resistant and long-lasting
  • It’s stylish as well as protective towards your floor
  • Comes at an affordable price

5. Sharpex Plant Stand Rack Indoors and Outdoors

Sharpex is a leading brand for plant stands it has never failed us when it comes to providing one of the best gardens items. This one is also is a 3 tier rack but unlike the bamboo ladder, this one comes features the place for three three five plants only. The plant stand is made up of high-quality fir wood that can withstand any weather.
This plant stand is also ideal for placing outdoors as well as indoors. It pretty easy to assemble as it comes with all the necessary tools which are needed to assemble it.
Key Features – 
  • Dimensions are 76.4 × 33.6 × 14.4 cm
  • Sturdy and durable and has the capacity to hold 110 lbs of weight
  • Features multiple plants racks

6. Magshion bamboo tall plant stand

Magshion is also a popular plant stand on Amazon and you will find is pretty good looking as well. This can go well for the corners of the house, so you can say it’s a nice corner plant stand. The plant stand is made up of non-toxic material which is eco-friendly. It’s skid proof as well as shake-proof so you can easily rely on this one which your favorite flower vase or planter.
Key Features – 
  • Dimensions- 12.2″ D×12.2″ W×26″ H
  • Gives a vintage feel to your interior

7. Resinart Easy Inc. Roman Corinthian-Style Column Pedestal

If you are looking for a pedestal style plant stand than your first choice should be this one. although it is not entirely a plant stand as it is made for other decorative uses as well but people who want a tall plant stand that gives them a roman feel. People have loved it for its authentic and ancient design.
Key Features – 
  • Off white-colored pedestal stand that’s goes perfectly in any environment
  • It’s tall and also handles the capacity of 60 lbs
These are the top plant stands that you will find these days. To help you further in choosing the right plant stand, here is a little buying guide for a plant stand. We have listed some of the features that you need to consider while buying the plant stands! See if it can be placed indoors as well as outdoors!
It’s important that you invest in a plant stand that you can place outdoors as well as indoors. It will be flexible and you can place the plant stand where ever you want without putting in the plant stand in jeopardy. Ask this question to yourself and decide accordingly the material, size, and shape of the plant stand.
  • Material – Material is another leading factor that you need to look at in a plant stand. The plant stand can be made out of almost any material whether it’s wood, metal, or stone. Wooden plant stand would be useful to give a nice textured look, teak, and cedar is a leading choice as they can withstand the water. Whereas the stone plant stand that is made up of stone such as concrete would look minimalistic as well as give a classy touch to your home decor. The metal plant stands are also popular when it comes to holding the heavy plants or giving a metallic touch to your interior. Basically, there are numerous plant stands for indoors as well as outdoors to choose from. So give a thought before buying the indoor plant stands or outdoor plant stands.
  • Decorative elements – Look for a plant stand that goes perfectly with your interior or meet your requirements. See which decorative feature you want in your plant stand and look for that one.
  • Weight – The weight of the plant stand is also an important factor. If you are planning to move the plant stand from one place to another then look for a lightweight plant stand, you might look for a plant stand that features wheels.
  • Durability – Make sure the plant stands are durable and are not prone to breaking. This will again depend on the material and the place where you are placing the plant stand.
  • Easy to set up – Some plant stands come in pieces and you might have to assemble them, so take a look at whether it will require assembly and if it’s easy to assemble.
So these are the factors that you need to look at a plant stand, and these will help you make a wise choice when it comes to buying a plant stand for yourself.
Conclusion – So here we come to an end for our article, the best plant stands for indoors and outdoors. We have chosen the plant stands that are stylish as well as durable. We have made sure you can easily find the most affordable yet stylish plant stands on Amazon.
We hope you loved our article for the best plant stands and you have found the perfect as well. So thank you for visiting us and keep coming for more such articles!
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